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Global Licensee of Doerken™ Zinc Rich Coatings

PARTS FINISHING GROUP INC. (PFG) is a global licensed applicator of Doerken zinc rich coatings. PFG has the capability to mass finish parts utilizing the following process: dip/spin, dip/drain, spray coat and spin coat. These coatings are applied at PFG plants in the USA and Mexico.

DELTA MKS provides perfectly tailor-made corrosion protection for every kind of application. Zinc-lamella system provides outstanding protection for high strength materials. For example, when coated with DELTA-PROTEKT KL 100, tow chains made from high-strength steel can achieve long corrosion resistance times under dynamic stress. If your components are small and complex, then the KTL-System is the ideal answer - e.g. small wood screws with cutting threads where it is important to keep open the cross-head recess or key cylinders where the pins have to be able to move freely

On the other hand, if you're looking for the optimim protection for electroplated surfaces, then use the Doerken™ Sealing System. For example, you can use the topcoat DELTACOLL to protect brake calliper mounting backets which are subkected to high stresses and exposed to brake dust and spray. For steel lock nuts to prevent loosening, the ideal protection is provided by a topcoat from the DELTA-PROTEKT VH 350 series.

DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 100 - Zinc flake system with cathodic protection
DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 300 Series - inorganic topcoat for zinc flake systems
DELTA-PROTEKT® VH 350 Series - inorganic topcoat for various surfaces
DELTA-PROTEKT® EK Series - Cataphoretic immersion paints for various surfaces
DELTA-PROTEKT® ML 500 Series - Modifier
Non-electrolytically applied zinc-lamella coating
Organic, highly-crosslinked epoxy system
Inorganic, silicate and titanium-based system

For more detailed specification information refer to PFG's specifications or contact www.doerkenusa.com

Please Note: PFG also has the Nylok® license to apply Nylok® patch in Mexico. http://www.nylok.com